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Wicker picnic basket signed by Coracle.

Wicker picnic basket signed by Coracle.

PicKnicK basked manufactured by “CORACLE”.

Picknick basket for two people in wicker from the late nineteenth century and manufactured by CORACLE. The lids are lined inside in honey-colored leather. It includes a wicker-lined toothpick for closing and a wicker handle. It is made up of silver cutlery sets for two people, the knives with ivory handles, a small spoon for sugar, two plates of white enamelled plate with a gold edge and two others for ceramic tea, two ceramic tea cups, sugar bowl and ceramic salt shaker (the salt shaker includes a wicker support to prevent tipping), stove, copper kettle with wicker handle, metal bottle of alcohol or petroleum, sandwich maker with white enamelled ceramic base and metal lid, metal box for the tea or coffee, two glasses lined in wicker and two glass bottles lined in wicker.

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