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Licorera firmada por John Pound & Co.

Licorera firmada por John Pound & Co.

Decanter signed by John Pound & Co.

Round decanter signed by John Pound & Co. with the initials C.W.C.K. Contains two glass jars with punched silver caps and the case is a beautiful chestnut brown color with a nice “patina” (A thin layer of greenish oxide that forms on bronce) and is specially made with the bottles. Interior in good cleaning condition. Buckle strap closure.
John Pound is the oldest luggage brand in the world. Starting life in the City of London in 1823 making trunks and luggage for the gentry from its base in Leadenhall Street, the brand pre-dates all other luggage houses.
Sir John Pound was the son of the founder, taking over the business in the 1860s. By 1871 the company was one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, and operated from 3 factories and had stores all across central London.

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