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Caja de escopeta firmada por WILLIAN EVANS.

Caja de escopeta firmada por WILLIAN EVANS.

Shotgun case signed by WILLIAM EVANS. Shotgun case in cowhide leather, leather lid and functional latch closure and non-existent locking key, the metal lock has the signature “WARRANTED SECURE LEVER”, two straps that make the case closure with brass knucle buckles, the corners of the box in leather for protection, red felt interior. Handle. The box is signed by “WILLIAN EVANS”. William Evans, the founder started out working for James Purdey before 1871, then the equally prestigious HJ Holland, and then Holland & Holland at its name change in 1876. This is where he learned the fine craft of gun making, that would make him dream about opening his own establishment, where the history William Evans begins in 1883. When he first settled on his own firm at 95th Buckingham Palace Road in 1883, he marked his guns as “William Evans (of Purdey’s)” no doubt to imply their good quality. Evans stepped straight into the breech-loading era and offered customers a wide variety of gun and rifle types and grades, including imported specimens, to suit all budgets. He then moved the business to 4 Holden Terrace, Pimlico in 1885 (not known for its prestige in arms manufacturing) and then again in 1888 to 4 Pall Mall. Mr. Evans moved again to 63 Pall Mall, where he appears in front of his store at the top right of the photo. During World War I, various sniper rifles were installed especially for the Scots Guards, no doubt in part due to the proximity to their London barracks, and after the war ended Evans returned to producing good quality proven designs of both weapons as of rifles. They also specialized in second-hand guns, an aspect of the trade that some London manufacturers felt inferior to them at the time. Evans survived the pre-war depression and continued to make beautifully crafted weapons that have persisted to this day.

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