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Category: Dressing Case

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  • Maleta neceser de viaje francesa S. XIX.

    French travel bag 19th century.

    French pleated black leather travel bag, top opening with removable mobile unfolding, brass fittings and double handle.
    Cut crystal, ivory and embossed silver accessories stamped with the initials LM. (22 pieces).

    1.190,99 VAT included
  • Toiletry and desk suitcase

    Toiletry and desk suitcase

    Desktop travel suitcase in engraved cowhide, contains several glass boxes with silver lid and inkwell, as well as various ivory pieces such as ballpoint pen, letter opener, pocket knife, pen cleaner and others; notebook with red leather pastes and gold spine; leather trim of the seat. Iron lock, does not contain a key.

    1.165,06 VAT included
  • Toiletry briefcase with the signature of “FINNIGAN, MAKER, MANCHESTER” and initials “G.M.D.W”

    Toiletry briefcase with the signature of “FINNIGAN, MAKER, MANCHESTER” and initials “G.M.D.W”

    Toiletry briefcase with the signature of “FINNIGAN, MAKER, MANCHESTER” and initials “G.M.D.W” in cowhide, brass fittings and handle. The interior is made of green silk with several compartments. It contains: two natural bristle brushes with an ivory handle inlaid in silver with the owner’s logo, mirror lined in leather and support piece in nickel silver, five glass jars with silver-plated stoppers with the owner’s logo, small leather-lined inkwell box with “INK” inlay, small leather-lined lighter box with “LIGHT” inlay, independent leather case with cork puller, mechanical pencil , fastens buttons, pocketknife, all with ivory handles, and a clip. There is also an Ivory letter opener under the cover. Ivory gloves opener and a leather notebook. Functional latch closure and non-existent locking key. Finnigans House Firm was a British suitcase and luxury suitcase manufacturer established in 1830, originally in Manchester and later on New Bond Street in London. The House of Finnigans was one of Great Britain’s best leather goods manufacturers and a successful luxury goods retailer. Well known for its traditional know-how and craftsmanship, Finnigans produced a wide range of luxury goods, including trunks, bags, fashion, jewelry, watches, and silverware. In 1830, Brian Finnigan established a firm of his own, the Finnigans house. He opened a workshop in Newton Street Mill, and a Finnigans store in Market Street, the most fashionable part of Manchester then. Finnigans soon became famous for their high-quality leather goods and saddlery. When the picnic became a fashionable outdoor activity, Finnigans made the “Wicker Picnic Basket”, which was popular not only with English travelers, but also the Indian Rajahs who used to tied them on the backs of elephants.

    811,63 VAT included
  • Blue Moroccan leather suitcase S.XX

    Blue Moroccan leather suitcase S XX

    Blue leather toiletry bag, with silver fittings and handle. The inside of the lid is beige and the rest is blue leather with several compartments, , and the articles it contains are: six glass jars with silver caps, a bristle brush with an ivory handle, , mirror lined in blue leather, silver pill box, small case with nail file and ivory handle, and two ivory shoehorn. Functional latch lock and non-existent locking key.

    673,97 VAT included
  • Green cowhide office bag.

    Green cowhide office bag.

    Small green cowhide office bag with engraved brass fittings for closed carriage interior with brass hanging bracket. Contains: button remover with ivory handle, small pocket knife with ivory handle, scissors, needle threader, file with ivory handle, thimble, silver match holder with original matches from the time, notebook, letter envelopes sealed with an F made of sealing wax, pencil, glass inkwell with silver cap, sealing wax, mirror, glass perfume box with alpaca cap and inner box lined with green cowhide that contains: silver compact, glass pillbox with silver cap, brush with silver handle and green cowhide lined box containing one meter of fabric ribbon with a small ivory cone inside with ivory box.

    592,48 VAT included
  • Maleta neceser de viaje.

    Travel suitcase.

    Travel bag in imitation crocodile leather with double compartments, one of them contains a removable set of accessories in which there are four glass jars with silver caps, two brushes, a tray, a cover for a comb and 4 ivorine accessories. Silver fittings and handle.

    413,57 VAT included
  • Juego de cepillos con iniciales plateadas.

    Set of brushes with silver initials.

    Cowhide leather case with two brushes with wooden handle and silver initials.

    272,25 VAT included
  • Maletín neceser en piel.

    Leather toiletry bag.

    Leather toiletry bag, with silver fittings and handle. The inside is beige and the articles it contains are:
    five glass jars with silver caps, a bristle brush with a wood handle and glove clips. Incomplete.
    Functional latch lock and existent locking key.

    222,23 VAT included
  • Juego de limpieza de zapatos.

    Shoe cleaning set.
    In Hazelnut pigskin case with silver latch. Includes two brushes with wooden handles and a polishing cloth.

    192,74 VAT included