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Category: Watson Bactil

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  • Monocular microscope with the signature of “WATSON BACTIL”, with number 51452.

    Microscopio monocular de la firma de “WATSON BACTIL”, con el nº 51452.
    W. Watson & Son, was a manufacturer of optical instruments established in London in 1837. . The name of the company was changed in 1868 to W. Watson & Son and by then they were located at 313 High Holborn, London. . In the 1870s, the company added photographic equipment and became known as a leading manufacturer of photographic instruments and apparatus of the highest class in England. En la década de 1940, la compañía permaneció en 313 High Holborn , Londres, Inglaterra.
    In 1908, the company became W. Watson & Sons Ltd. On August 10, 1938, Charles Henry Watson died. . In 1912, the company used its equipment and demonstrated the use of alternating current electricity to enhance plant growth in a nursery near London.

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