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Category: Army & Navi C.S.L.

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  • Trumpet in brass and nickel silver, extendable, signed by “ARMY & NAVY. C.S.L.

    Trompeta de latón y alpaca, extensible, firmada por “ARMY & NAVY. C.S.L.

    The Army and Navy Cooperative Society Ltd. was established on September 15, 1871 and consisted of a group of officers from the army and navy. The objective of the cooperative was to supply goods to its members at the lowest remunerative rates, and it was based on two previous models: the Civil Service Supply Association and the Civil Service Cooperative Society. The society rented part of a distillery premises on Victoria Street, London, which was owned by Vickers & Co, and in February 1872 a grocery store was opened on this place. By 1873, the store offered stationery, curtains, luxury goods, tailoring, groceries, a pharmacy, and even a weapons department. The store was too small for the growing business so the founding members rented a house next to their existing warehouse and purchased one more warehouse on Johnson Place.

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