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  • GW Scott & Sons Signature Wicker Picnic Basket

    GW Scott & Sons Signature Wicker Picnic Basket


    Wicker picnic basket manufactured by GW Scott & Sons. Late 19th century wicker picnic basket manufactured by GW Scott & Sons. The lids are lined inside in green leather, the upper one shows the manufacturer’s signatura. Includes a leather strap for closure and a wicker top handle. It is made up of a kettle, a stove, a sandwich maker, a box of sugar and tea, a bottle foralcohol or oil and two silver tea spoons. GW Scott and Sons was a manufacturer of luxury basketry and leather goods founded in 1661 in the city of London, England, in the United Kingdom. The company stopped production in 1967. GW Scott and Sons opened their first store in London, England in 1661. They were forced to relocate their company due to fire damage during the Great Fire of London. They moved first to Old Compton Street and then to Charing Cross Road in the central part of the city. The company is probably best known for developing the modern shape of the picnic basket, which was unveiled in 1851 at the “Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations” held at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London. The first of many world fair exhibitions during the Victorian era. They also achieved some international fame when GW Scott and Sons created 30-foot-tall sculptures that decorated the mall’s parade route for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in addition to making the cribs used by the monarchy. A part from making special items for the British Royal Family and their residences (including silver baskets for Buckingham Palace), the company was also contracted by the government during World War II to make trunks and furniture for the army and double obstacles for parachutes dropped by the Royal Air Force Airborne Division.

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