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Category: Other carriage accessories

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  • Set of whip with your table

    Set of whip with your table

    Set of table with removable vintage whip for carriages, 109 cm long oak table containing two brown leather hoses with silver buckles to place on the carriage and vintage whip for fourth, holly (called rose bush) with hilt in leather and silver caps. L = 1.85 mts. And white kangaroo leather leash with a 2.90-meter goose feather inside.

    1.407,68 VAT included
  • Wooden car ladder.

    Wooden car ladder.

    Original wooden folding ladder and metal hinges, for sports car, in black.

    484,00 VAT included
  • Cabria in iroko wood.

    Cabria in iroko wood.

    Cabria in iroko wood, with forged chain and hook.

    465,39 VAT included
  • Leather bag for davit

    Leather bag for davit

    Cowhide leather bag for carriage davits with catches for railing.

    250,00 VAT included
  • Carbon foot warmers Carbon

    Carbon foot warmers Carbon

    Foot warmer for carriage interior with side loading, hand handle and lined with wool carpet with striped motifs.

    249,99 VAT included
  • License plate holder.


    Cowhide license plate holder with two leather hoses for attachment to the carriage. Black color. Blued buckles.

    69,14 VAT included