1. Introduction


Mundo Dorantes is the name that DHD Dorantes (Francisco Dorantes Caro with ID 28760965V) will use as a denomination to carry out its contracting, brokerage and sale of the lots assigned for this purpose.

Mundo Dorantes’ online auction is intended to sell works of art, antiques, books, collectibles and other items through its website https://mundodorantes.com/ on the Internet, by public auction regardless of their antiquity.

These particular terms and conditions for the Online Auction establish the rights and obligations of Mundo Dorantes (hereinafter MundoDorantes.com) referring to the services offered by MundoDorantes.com through this website for online auctions of items.

1.2. Registry

* Registration in MundoDorantes.com service is free and necessary to carry out any type of operation. This implies acceptance and submission to the rules and conditions established herein and to the rest of the general terms and conditions of online sales of this website.
* It is necessary to operate in MundoDorantes.com auctions that all users register, using their true and correct name, and provide any of the data that MundoDorantes.com requests.
* If any of your data changes, you agree to communicate which are the correct new data.
* Only those of legal age who are not incapacitated for any reason to carry out or use any of the operations or services provided by MundoDorantes.com can be users of MundoDorantes.com Auctions.

1.3. Contact MundoDorantes.com

You can contact MundoDorantes.com through the following means:

* Email mailto: info@mundodorantes.com
* Telephone: (+34) 95.597.29.56
* By postal mail writing to:
DHD Dorantes
Calle Corredera nº63
Postcode: 41740 Lebrija, Sevilla (España)

  1. Conditions applicable to auctions

2.1. Auction management

* MundoDorantes.com may, at any time, suspend, cancel, close early or extend the auctions for technical reasons (of MundoDorantes.com or others, the Internet, etc.) or legal reasons that require it.
* MundoDorantes.com will notify you in advance of this whenever possible.
* MundoDorantes.com will endeavour to process all submitted bids but does not guarantee their inclusion in the auction.

2.2. Use of MundoDorantes.com services

* Users who register and use Mundo Dorantes services undertake to do so in good faith and with due diligence.
* MundoDorantes.com reserves the right to suspend or cancel the account of any user who infringes and / or uses, or may use, in the opinion of MundoDorantes.com, the service irregularly, provides false or misleading data or that breaches any of the terms of these general conditions.
* The user who has been subject to this suspension or cancellation will not be able to re-register unless expressly authorized by MundoDorantes.com.
* MundoDorantes.com reserves the right to admit bids and goods to be auctioned.

2.3. Bid scale

The bidding scale for the acquisition of lots on MundoDorantes.com is clearly presented in the detail of the lot to be bid.

  1. Buy at MundoDorantes.com

3.1. Registry

* In order for your bid to be valid in MundoDorantes.com, you must first register if it has not been done previously.
* It is essential for new users to fill out the registration form and commit to keeping their data updated.
* To register:
· Click on the link “REGISTER” in the user area and follow the instructions there.
· When registering, MundoDorantes.com will provide you with a username and password that you must use if you wish to bid or to access your client area.
· Remember your username and password.
· All the data that are provided to us by our users are treated with the utmost discretion following the Privacy Policy of MundoDorantes.com
· In the event of any intentional error or falsehood in the registration data, MundoDorantes.com may cancel the user’s account without prior notice and without any right to compensation.

3.2. Bid up

It is very simple.

* Find the lot that interests you:
* Searching through the Categories menus.
* Using the search engine “SEARCH” that will facilitate the location of the articles of your interest.
* On the left side of the website you will find all the “CATEGORIES” available for the current auction.
* Just click on any of them to access the thumbnail view of all the lots that make up the selected category.
* Each batch offers us the possibility of obtaining more information.
* If you wish, all you have to do is click on the link “BID” (if you are not registered at this time, the system will ask for your identification to continue).
* You will be able to see the current price of the item and in a box you must enter your bid (the system will indicate the minimum amount that you must enter for your bid to be effective).
* Once the registration is formalized and after bidding, MundoDorantes.com will inform you, via e-mail, about the status of your bid and at the end of the auction it will notify you if the lot has been awarded to you for being the highest bidder.
* The highest bid will be the winner (as long as it exceeds the starting or reserve price, if applicable) and meets the conditions established by Mundo Dorantes for said auction.

3.3. General conditions for buyers

3.3.1. Ways to bid

Bids can be made on the web during the auction period in the following ways:

* On the website http://www.MundoDorantes.com/ as explained in section 3.2.

* The possible differences that arise between bidders of the auction will be settled by MundoDorantes.com in an unappealable manner, being able to award the lot to whoever it deems appropriate.

3.3.2. Item Description

* The information about the lots published on the web and in the catalogue responds to MundoDorantes.com’s criteria, and as such criteria, they should not be taken as fact.
* Buyers must form their own opinion through the information, descriptions and photographs, provided by MundoDorantes.com
* MundoDorantes.com will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of its cataloguing.
* The sale of a lot will be rescinded, and its price returned to the buyer, if MundoDorantes.com is notified in writing, within 15 calendar days following the auction date, that the lot does not correspond to the description.
* The lots purchased by buyers will be delivered in the state described on the website and in the catalogue, without accepting claims about damage, breakage, ignorance of its nature, state of conservation, size, dimension, color, value, etc …

3.3.3. Payment of the lots purchased

* The payment of the lots purchased must be made within a period of no more than 10 calendar days from the auction end date, with the buyer paying the shipping costs according to rates that may be provided by MundoDorantes.com, if desired, depending on the size, weight, volume, fragility of the lot awarded in each case.

3.3.5. Secret of bidding

* All bids admitted in any of its modalities will be secret.

3.3.6. Cancellation of bids

* MundoDorantes.com reserves the right not to process bids that it does not consider duly accredited.

3.3.7. Obligation to complete the purchase

* If you bid for an item and win, you are obliged to complete the sale of the item. You cannot withdraw your bid and agree not to bid in order to manipulate the auction result. Your winning bid will be legally considered a Purchase Agreement, and failure to comply with it will empower MundoDorantes.com to take legal action to claim damages against users who do not complete the purchase. being of reference for these litigations the courts of the city of Seville. ALL YOUR BIDS WILL BE REGISTERED ELECTRONICALLY. THE NON-PAYMENT OF ANY LOT WITHIN THE STIPULATED DEADLINES (10 NATURAL DAYS) WILL SUPPLY THE DEFINITIVE LOSS OF THE CONDITION OF USER OF MundoDorantes.com

3.3.8. Transportation

* Transport and packaging is always the responsibility of the buyer. MundoDorantes.com can manage it for you or you can collect the piece personally at our facilities.

  1. Non-payment of items

* After 10 calendar days from the date of the auction, without the buyer having paid the lots acquired by him, MundoDorantes.com may cancel the operation.
* MundoDorantes.com cannot check the buyer’s ability to pay in any case and therefore does not guarantee that the user who is the winner in the auction will pay the final award price.
* Therefore MundoDorantes.com is not responsible for the behaviour of its users and therefore that the auction ends successfully, since it is beyond its control.

  1. Modifications

MundoDorantes.com can modify these particular conditions at any time, in which case it will be announced sufficiently in advance of its entry into force.